Why do I love family history?

When I decided to do a blog about digging up my ancestors, I figured the first entry should be about why I love family history.

My fascination with genealogy started when I was a kid. I was a child of divorce and grew up mainly around my mother’s side of the family. I grew up hearing different things about my grandmother’s side of the family. One of my grandmother’s brothers had been gathering family information for many years. He knew information on that side of my family dating back into the early 1800s.

On my grandfather’s side though, we knew very little. I knew my grandfather’s parents were John and Emma Hughes. His paternal grandparents had arrived from Ireland right after the Great Famine. My great-grandfather, John, had been born shortly after their arrival. I knew nothing about Emma’s family though.

In my child’s mind, I didn’t think it was fair that we knew so much about my grandmother’s family, but not my grandfather’s.

Over time, I was able to get information on the families of all my grandparents. But, this fascination is what began my journey.


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