One of my favorite ancestors…Lucinda Baker

When doing family history research, I have found a few individuals who have become my favorites. I would like to introduce one here. Her name is Lucinda Baker.

Lucinda is one of my great-great-great grandmothers. To trace her back to me, you go through her eldest son Robert to his eldest son Addison to Addison’s second daughter, who is my maternal grandmother. (I want to keep my grandparents’ names private since they have children still alive.)

Why does Lucinda fascinate me? Apparently, in the last half of the 1800s, she had four children without a husband and without, apparently, being rejected from her family.

Lucinda was born in Knox County, Kentucky around 1833 to 1835. Her parents were William Baker and Elizabeth Walker (or Wacker) Baker. She was the sixth child of twelve children, and the third daughter. The first mention of her is in the 1850 census where she is living with her parents in Flat Lick, Knox County, Kentucky.

The next mention is in the 1860 census where she is still in her parents’ home. Another member of the household though is her eldest son, Robert (my great-great grandfather). There is no member of that household who could be her spouse. Who could be Robert’s father?


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