More about Lucinda Baker

Last we saw Lucinda, she and her eldest son, Robert, were living in her parents’ household in the 1860 census. Who was Robert’s father though? The answer to that is still not clear. But, there is one person who I know is not his father.

There is a marriage record from 1856 between a man named Joseph Baker and a woman named Lucinda Baker. For many years, it was thought that this was the Lucinda Baker who was mother to Robert. However, some things did not add up.

  1. Lucinda was living in her parents’ home in 1860. Of course, she could have been widowed or abandoned at that time, but it is a telling piece.
  2. In 1870, Lucinda is living with her widowed mother along with Robert and her next two children, Christopher and Barbara.
  3. Also, in 1870, in the same community, a Joseph Baker lived with his wife Lucinda and their children.
  4. In 1880, Lucinda is listed as a widow living with her four children: Robert, Christopher, Barbara, and Henry.

At no point in these census records is Lucinda shown with a husband. It is possible she married three times and was widowed three times and just was not captured in the census records when she was married. But, there are no corresponding marriage records to show multiple marriages.

A Civil War pension record clarified the marriage of Joseph Baker to Lucinda Baker. The Lucinda Baker was actually a divorced woman. Her maiden name was Williamson. She married my Lucinda Baker’s elder brother, Nelson, in 1852. They divorced in 1856, just in time for her marriage to Joseph Baker. The pension record contained copies of her divorce record and detailed the situation.

So, the 1856 marriage record did not belong to my great-great-great-grandmother, Lucinda. What else may tell about her children’s father(s)?


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