How to Track the Father(s) of Lucinda’s Children

Finding out who the father or fathers were of Lucinda Baker’s children is an ongoing quest of mine. Let’s look at each child to see what they can offer.

  1. Robert Baker was born 13 September 1857 in Knox County, Kentucky. He had no birth certificate nor entry for birth in the county records. His death certificate listed his father as unknown.
  2. Christopher Carson “Kit” Baker was born in February of 1859. His location is unknown in the 1860 census. He has no known death certificate from Oklahoma where he is buried.
  3. Barbara Ann Baker was born 30 July 1862 in Knox County. Her death record lists her father as unknown.
  4. Henry Baker was born 11 May 1871. And like his siblings, his death record also lists his father as unknown.

Marriage records for the children also do not reveal the name of the father. So far, no obvious public records have revealed the father(s) of Lucinda’s children.

Descendants of Lucinda who knew the truth apparently did not speak of it. The knowledge died out as her children and grandchildren passed away.

Is the knowledge gone completely? Maybe. But, there are branches of the family that have not been explored and it may be that someone still alive knows the truth.


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